Mega-SoM 810

M-SoM 810

M-SoM 810, based on NXP’s i.MX8M Plus, gives AR/VR developers the high-level functionality of cutting-edge, custom-made SoMs at the price of a generic solution. It is the only solution available today that can connect 6 MIPI cameras to an i.MX8M Plus.
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M-SoM 810

High level benefits

Small form factor
Small form factor
Complete solution (HW & SW)
Complete solution (HW & SW)
Low cost
Low cost
Flexible & modular platform
Flexible & modular platform

The SoM challenge

Generic SoMs (system-on-modules) have made multi-media applications accessible to developers in a variety of fields. These affordable, tiny units have multiple processors and a range of capabilities including video and graphics processing.  While they meet the needs of many industries out-of-the-box, AI and AR/VR applications require additional capabilities that the generic SoMs can’t provide. For example, in order to simulate sight, AR/VR applications require two cameras that function like eyes to give the device spatial perception, and infrared cameras to see at night and filter out sunlight. Since the generic SoMs can only accommodate one camera, AR/VR companies are forced to upgrade to costly SoMs or develop custom solutions. 

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How we solved it

MSOM-810, based on i.MX8M Plus, solves this challenge by adapting a simple SoM with a bridge that allows it to work with up to 6 cameras and integrate their data. The i.MX8M Plus also includes (convolutional neural network accelerator IP) without collapsing the processor. With MSOM-810, extensive AI and AR/VR capabilities are fast and affordable, as has been proven in solutions for various industries including:

Telecom & mobile

Key Features

Multi-camera connection – a unique solution for the i.MX8M Plus family, enabling up to 6 parallel sensors

Syncing mechanism for cameras and IMU

Integration of computer vision libraries

Low power consumption

Optional: SerDes for remote cameras

Optional: customized and tailored design

Neural processing unit

HiFi audio DSP

Real-time control with Cortex-M7

Block diagram

Block diagram

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