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IMDT was founded in 2017 by Avi Shimon and Arnon Tadmor, global experts in all things AI and AR/VR, including deep learning, 3D imaging, computer vision and IoT. Having worked in cutting-edge companies in the field for over fifteen years, they started IMDT to leverage their knowledge and expertise to help other companies move forward faster.

Realizing that companies are often focused on client demands and don’t have the bandwidth to invest in development, they built a team with a wide range of expertise so that they could offer both modular and full turnkey solutions. IMDT now works with leading companies in agri-tech, medical fields, telecommunications, defense and consumer products.

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Main projects


An adaptable solution to connect high speed and resolution video feed to vehicle software.

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Building a low-cost digital chessboard to meet international competition standards.

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Avi has over two decades of experience managing R&D in system design and architecture. Prior to IMDT, Avi worked at Inuitive and ASOCS in key R&D positions leading the design of system-level development projects.

Avi Shimon

CEO & Co-founder

Arnon brings over 20 years experience in R&D of complex hardware/software systems, leading and delivering complex hardware solutions for communication, AI, computer vision and IoT systems. Prior to IMDT, Arnon worked in Inuitive & ABonAir in key R&D positions.

Arnon Tadmor

CTO & Co-founder

Open Positions

At IMDT we don’t just apply state-of-the-art technology, we create it.

We’re looking for superstar engineers to join our dream team working in a multi-disciplined, fast-paced team environment.

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Hardware engineer

In this key role in our multidisciplinary team, you will take end-to-end

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Firmware engineer

As a firmware engineer, you have a deep understanding of both hardware

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